The Magielec Mechanical Magical Keyboard

In this article I will be featuring the Magielec Magical Keyboard which in my opinion is the coolest thing I have seen developed in 2017. It has a really cool look almost like it was formed at the end of the rainbow, and created by a gaming enthusiast to create this truly colorful and magnificent keyboard.

I’ve seen my fair share of gaming keyboards but this one is really the coolest and is clearly developed and targeted towards kids instead of the older audiences that like gaming. I can see many younger people enjoying using this keyboard as it can fit many themes and the colors make it very fun to type on. This may come in handy when teaching people about gaming keyboards and how the mechanical key switches work as you can see them better when they are illuminated and divided individually by several variances in colors.

Varying performance across the gaming keyboard market is definitely a factor that is causing some gamers to only trust established gaming keyboard reviews such as the review at thetechinsider which gives some accurate and up to date information on the latest gaming keyboards.

Several gamers have been struggling in choosing a brand, let alone a model. When it comes to Razer we say they are the pioneers of the industry and are always releasing new and cool features that any gamer will find appealing, however looking at Cherry who are the manufacturers of the key switches that even Razer uses, it can be said that their quality will be top tier, as they are handling the switches and the keyboard design to make gamers get the most from their keyboard.

From looking at some subpar brands such as Corsair, Logitech and Microsoft themselves we find that keyboards such as the Sidewinder X4 and the Sidewinder X6 just don’t match up. So we highly recommend you stick with the Magielec Mechanical keyboard or you decide to go with a top tier brand such as Razer or Cherry.

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